I Am Anaya.

My passion is to empower people to become their own physician

To encourage people to make a study of themselves.

To learn about how they got their issues and then how to resolve it all naturally.

The Gift Of Knowledge Of The Self.

Work with what Nature Gave To You!

I was introduced to meditation when I was about 16 years old.

I learned about my internal world in relationship with the external universal connection.

I practiced so much I began to feel the energy field my body was producing like some kind of magical, unseen magnetic sensations.

I was hooked into the Mystical from this point on.


For most of my life I was involved in arts and fashion.

I liked to do stylist work for magazines and was invloved in costume design for plays and other artistic collaborations.

I ran my own fashion label for 7 seasons. 

But after a while this life did not suit me and I felt like I needed to do something else.

It was in this time that my mother passed away, so I went through a lot of changes in this grieving process.

When I decided to complete my fashion designer life, I quickly discovered Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine.

During this study, I was given my first experience with acupuncture.

I was so amazed to feel the energy shifting inside my body with four needles.

So, I changed my study into the degree of Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.

Inside my study in TCM, I discovered the feeling of frequency and vibrational qualities of life in relation to people and healing.

I attended a Vipassana silent + still meditation retreat for 10 days.

I broke the rules in favour of following my own body and danced all around my room when no one was looking!

Unwinding my whole body with persistent micro movements until I had a complete free flow.

Any pain was now gone.

I was able to feel my internal organs and how they were connected.

I found that I could heal my own body through concentration and awareness of sensation.

As the physical sensation began to change, a memory would usually arise.

So I understood that much physical pain can be attributed to unreleased emotional reactions that are stored inside the body.

After my degree was complete, I travelled for 10 months around the world.

In China I observed TCM doctors in the hospital environment and participated in the World Medical Qigong Conference.

I experienced Sound Healing in Glastonbury and attended with shamans and doctors at the First Annual Ayahuasca Medical Conference.

In the jungle of Peru I was blessed to live with an amazing doctor of Naturopathy and TCM named Miryam Hacker.

She introduced me to her Bio Resonance machines and how profoundly simple it was to make dynamic changes in the human health on all levels using frequency.

I remember after my first use on the BRS machine, she asked me 'How do you feel darling?'. 

Before I could really speak, I burst out crying. A release of so much old stored emotion. 

I lived with her for 3 months and made a study of frequency, sound, vibration, meditation, physics and some plant medicine.

I returned to New Zealand.

I meditated - a Lot and I gardened - a Lot.

For 8 months I lived in a caravan on my friends land.

I worked for one year and a half with a physiotherapy clinic as the acupuncturist working with pain relief before opening my own home clinic in Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre.

My practice has evolved into a unique amalgamation of learned life experiences.

It involves electro magnetic frequency machines, sound healing, TCM, hands on body work following the traditional cultures

wise wisdoms with mental + sensorial focus techniques to literally see and feel your areas of complaint shift within you.

My personal interests are to trip around New Zealand and the world meeting interesting people in the pursuit of expanding and exchanging knowledge in our healing arts.

‘The prototypic figure for the Artist, as well as for the Scientist, is the Shaman.

The Shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history

that unites the Doctor, the Scientist and the Artist into a single notion of Care Giving and Creativity.

Over the years this Shamanic function has been either suppressed or forgotten.

This notion of the Artist as Mystical Journeyer.

As one who goes into a world unseen by others and then returns to tell them of it.'

- Terrence McKenna

My business is to help You become Whole as fast (or slow) as possible,

while guiding You to become confident in

Mastery of Your Self.


Anaya Steele
Biological Engineer

Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture

Diploma in Qigong + Taiqi

Gentling Ways Practitioner with Heather Bruce

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition

Traditional Maori Miri Miri + Romi Romi

Zero Balancing

Acupuncture NZ Member

ACC Provider

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Anaya Steele




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A complete and whole Reverse Engineering of the Self in order to go Full Spectrum in life!


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