You are a warm blooded bio electrical being.

This means you have certain requirements to sustain health and


On a purely physical level, you need Circulation happening.

Without Circulation of blood you will feel Cold,

without Circulation of lymph (waters) you will feel Blocked.

Circulation means things are in Flow.

When you are in Flow, pain is not possible and all natural things

take place.

You require Ingredients to run your Being

These come in the form of Nutrients in Food and Water

Your cells (batteries) need to be charged with energy.

One needs a Mission in Life, or some reason to live, for 

'if you don't have a plan in life,

you will become a part of someone elses plan.'

- Terrence McKenna

To Do and Be all of this inside of Happiness state could be seen

to be the Ultimate experience of Life.

To be unaffected by events around you and in you

To Master Life Experience in full Awareness.

Did you ever THINK

WHO is in charge of you?

Your doctor, Your partner, Your parent, the government?


Its is YOU!

So, why are you NOT directing the flipping ship right now?

And, if you are not acting as the captain, who is?

Who did you give YOUR power away to?

WHO is in charge and making these decisions?

Better to start tuning in to yourself!

It's going to be a journey as soon as you ask these questions.



If 'I' Am in charge of MY Body. 

What Would 'I' Decide For Myself?

What Am I Really Capable Of?

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