How Will We Work Together?

Depending on what you want to achieve,

we will tailor a Plan for You!

We will talk,and learn, so you can discover yourself and lead you towards Self Healing.

My Goal is to identify what you need and provide you with the tools to Treat Yourself!


Time For You

Investment Into Yourself

Self Discovery

The way I prefer to work with You, is in long sessions -  1.5 to 3 hours,

giving you all of the information for Self Treatment you can absorb while Clearing Out Blockages.

Let us work deep and thouroughly to get a result for you while giving you Understanding of Your situation holisitcally!

You will most likely leave with some new perspective on Your Self and How You Work,

along with some Magnesium + Iodine (Ingredients) to make a good start at getting back on track!

Hourly Rate


ACC Surcharge


Discount for Kawaipurapura Resident + WOOFERS

$85/ ACC $25


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Anaya Steele




Kawai Purapura Retreat

14 Mills Lane


Auckland 0632

New Zealand

A complete and whole Reverse Engineering of the Self in order to go Full Spectrum in life!


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