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I work with a few machines in my clinic

- not quite as pictured above - though that would be totally awsome to have this Lab -

Non - Invasive Cellular Rejuvination to help your body DO NORMAL

Aiding in Chronic Disease Recovery and Immune System Enhancement

Cells need Voltage, not heavy metals!



It is part Tesla coil, part Earth generator, pure genius.

George Lakhovsky believed that living cells are batteries; the nucleus holds the positive

charge and the cytoplasm carries the negative.  If cells were irradiated with a range of

electromagnetic oscillations, they could be "recharged" and thus rejuvenated.

The MWO works by producing a broad range of high frequency pulsed signals

that radiate energy into the patient via two round resonators:

one resonator acting as a transmitter and the other as  a receiver.

The different size rings would set up interference patterns between themselves,

producing a plethora of harmonic frequencies at many different wavelengths so that

each cell in the body can  find its own natural frequency (of health) and resonate to it.

In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives

another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.

Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the

oscillations of healthy cells, this would overwhelm the oscillations produced by the

disease causing cells bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells.

The device was used in the U.S.A. until 1942 and in Europe for about another 15 years.




Nikola Tesla was the great genius who observed that high-frequency electricity had

important effects on health. In 1892 he met with Paul Oudin in Paris where hey discussed

ways of building therapeutic high-frequency oscillators. Months later Oudin produced the

first device that became known as the 'violet ray.'

Violet Ray therapy is another convenient means of translating electric energy into the

body, but in a more focused, localized mode. A low-pressure inert gas, such as neon or

argon, is contained in a glass bulb or tube and is electrified by high-potential,

high frequency Tesla currents. The device emits, when brought into contact with the body,

an electric ray, seen as a reddish/ violet beam, a fascinating phenomenon to watch and


The Violet Ray conducts electro energetic LIFE FORCE ENHANCING properties into the body,

like the MWO. Tesla himself used such a reviving ray daily. While the MWO was never

mass-produced, the violet-ray machine was actually commercially manufactured, and it

became a fixture in many a doctor’s office and in many homes.

The Violet Ray actually CHARGES YOUR BODY'S BATTERY by causing cells to open up

more than usual, allowing them to flush out toxins more easily. Nutrients then return to the

cells and the DETOXIFICATION routine increases lymph flow. 

This device intensifies fresh blood CIRCULATION. The extra flow of blood equalizes the

circulation in crowded areas, helping heal bruised and damaged tissue.


The concept of using PEMF has been explored as a clinical theraputic since the 1950's.

Since then, it has been used to treat critical bone gap defects, wound healing,inflammation,

as well as various psychiatric disorders.

Because it can penetrate deeply and uniformly into tissues, it can achieve superior healing 

results when compared with TENS.

Studies show that a changing magnetic field interacts with any medium in which there are

charge carriers - such as tissues - producing a FLOW of charge.

Given that all biochemical interactions are driven by electrostatic interactions, it follows that

a rapidly changing electromagnetic field would INDUCE FLOW of CURRENT in TISSUES

in the form of ions that has an effect on the binding interactions of biochemical compounds.

PEMF has been shown to dramatically increase the speed and completeness of bone healing

in large or slow healing fractures.

It also has been shown to supress inflammatory responses which results in pain reflief.

PEMF reduces pain, oxygenates cells, promotes healing and improves energy.

Shirleys Story

'My name is Shirley and I am 59 years old. I have been having treatment from Anaya and her

Multiwave Oscillator Machine for just on 6 months.

When I first started the treatment I was in so much pain due to arthriitis in my right hip,

lower spine, left shoulder and left ankle. I was using crutches.

I also had other health issues. I found it very hard to do anything because of the pain I

was in. The doctors wanted to do a hip replacement - I did not.

Since starting the treatment 3 times a week I have done away with using the crutches 99%

of the time and also the pain medication I was taking. I still have a little pain but no where like

before. I would be in tears most days as the pain was just so bad. I could not function with

normal every day tasks and I had to give up work. Being a solo mum with no family nearby

I found it so very hard.

After only a few treatments I was able to sleep on my right side again and lay on my back.

I feel my overall well being has also improved greatly. To be able to go to a supermarket

and do my own shopping is great. To be able to do things for myself again means the

world to me.

For anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing without the use of pills I would so

recommend to see Anaya and get some treatment from her.'

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