Cause impaired circulation.

What are Adhesions?

'Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form inside the body as a result of

infection, inflammation, trauma, even radiation therapy.

Connective tissue that is grown to hold bits within you – closer.
Usually is the cause of pain.discomfort and often inability to work well.


Adhesions can cause internal organs to become fused together which can result

in a myriad of symptoms: agonizing pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain,

constipation, migraines and bowel obstructions.

HOW did they get there?

Surgery (trauma) is the number one cause of this illness.

The body reacts as it 'feels the need to bind and protect itself.' 

- Heather Bruce



vertebra blocks nerves












Environment and diet factors lead to wrong fluids collect in joints (rheumatoid arthritis) 

+ over use (osteo arthritis)

Letting Go

Unexpressed emotion + emotional reaction to life situations may cause contortions + twists in your body, leading to a holding place in a distorted posture and organ dysfunction.

Organ dysfunctions can lead to inability to DETOXify efficiently and your systems get Blocked up.

Physical traumas to your body can also lead to distorted holding patterns.

This all leads to eventual blockages in the FLOW of Systems, genearlly felt as PAIN.

What does feeling Shattered Actually Mean?


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