Jane Wairua

I was 16 when I received the love, healing and rongoa of two Maori woman.

They didn’t just support me through a personal experience at that time, but also shared with me something that I would carry far into the future. “You are a healer,” they said, smiling knowingly. It wasn’t until years later that I felt ready to truely step into this role. Now, it is my heart, my life, my world. I currently practice romiromi (deep tissue massage healing with takutaku/incantation), and Reiki.

I also connect with plant medicine, both flower essences and Rongoa, making my own healing balms. I am very interested in Te Ao Maori and healing and medicine from all cultures. There is a thread that runs through it all and connects us together.

The healer in me, sees the healer in you, so let’s heal together.

New Zealand First Light Flower Essences are made from flowers, plants and trees, some of which are only found in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world.

This gives them a unique vibration, working on many levels to support our holistic wellbeing.

It is the Wisdom of the plants that is shared through these essences and can bring about a great transformation that is gentle and nurturing at the same time. You will walk through the forest every day with these beautiful and healing essences.


1 Hour Consultation

Every session is different but the thread that always runs through it is that we will heal together. These sessions are designed to support you in tapping into your intuition which in turn helps to clear blockages with the support of our native forest, First Light Flower Essences.

The cards are a tool for us to help explore the inner world, looking for any messages that come to the light. I often will share personal experience as well as this makes us both vulnerable and open to growth.

As you heal, I heal, and as I heal, you heal.

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