My Holographic Life laboratory is located in Kawaipurapura Retreat centre in Albany in the

North Shore of Auckland


Our facilites include

Olympic size swimming pool

Spa and sauna

Bush walks

Meditation and Yoga classes

On site cafe

Rooms ranging from Single to Queen and King with ensuite


About the Retreat

We are also 10 minute drive from local beaches and a 15 minute walk up to the Albany mall.

As it can be difficult in busy lives to make regular appointments for Self Care part of a rountine,

I am offering Retreat Intensive packages.

Come for a weekend, or stay the whole week to focus on YOU!

Clear Blockages | Restore Flow | Put in Nutrients

Learn How to be Your Own Healer

Clear out blockages and restore circulation through perineal steaming, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture + release ligaments to organs.

Discover - why things are not Moving?

Heat, Cold, Diet, Emotions, old stored Memories, Habit patterns, holding Patterns, Scars and physical Structural issues (due to accidents, falling off horses, trees, etc)


Detox from Heavy Metal Toxins with Glutathione and PEMF

Heavy metal toxins get into us via deodorants, coated pans, canned drinks, amalgam fillings in teeth, vaccinations (and various other avenues). Heavy metals = aluminium, mercury, cadmium, lead + others... 

Basically they sit on the outside of our cells and block nutrients and minerals from being absorbed. So, we do not want heavy metals in our body! And, we all have them unfortunately. It is a recent discovery but a growing consensus.

Glutathione should be produced in our body as a natural antioxidant. Unfortunately, in the presence of mercury (heavy metal), it cannot be produced and the body will suffer.


Put in what should be there - NUTRIENTS 


Magnesium and Iodine are needed to make Hormones. Hormones act as messengers inside our body, activating endocrine organs to make other hormones to send other messengers. 

Pregnenolone has been shown to specifically help with hormonal rebalancing as the precursor 'Mother Hormone.'

Make some Diet Changes

Using Ayurvedic Constitutional Analysis, we will construct a diet plan specific to you and you will learn how the system works so you can become your own healer. Food is Your Medicine!

To learn more about Ayurveda CLICK HERE 

CLICK these links for Finding Your Constitution and Ayurvedic Diet Therapy

We will also Cover

How to make home remedies from the garden applicable to YOU

What Ingredients (nutrients) we need for life and what we do not need (toxins)

Discover and understand how your issue came to be from an Holistic perspective (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

Self Care techniques - for self maintenance

Meditation and Breathing techniques for self maintenance

Self Perception methods – learning how to Heal Yourself through focus, awareness and movement

Vibrational Flower Essences

If you choose, I will bring in my dear friend Jane Wairua as your consultant for First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand.

She will provide a 1 hour session for you where you will set an Intention and choose essences through a beautiful set of cards. CLICK HERE to see Jane.


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Anaya Steele




Kawai Purapura Retreat

14 Mills Lane


Auckland 0632

New Zealand

A complete and whole Reverse Engineering of the Self in order to go Full Spectrum in life!


my holographic life