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If you are at the stage where nothing else has worked to solve your problems,

you have arrived at the right place!

Chronic Issues | Pain | Reproductive Health | Detox | Crisis

My Holographic Life is a place of resources for you to learn how to 'Reverse Engineer' yourself.

 An intergrative and holistic healing approach to address you as a Whole Being.

Blending ancient wisdoms with modern technology and methods of mental emotional focus to guide you back into balance.

Learn about how you work on all levels - physical, ethereal, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How to unite all parts of yourself into a whole and functional person while cleaning out the unwanted, unnecessary, dysfunctional rubbish that has been holding you back from Happiness.

Discover Your Self

Be Empowered to be Your Own Healer

To know yourself, why you got the issues and how YOU can resolve them.

Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life!


Because, in life we can ‘lose perspective’ of the greater whole, getting caught up in external distractions,

forgetting how to maintain our own health.

But if we spend the time to track back into the Origin of the thing that is causing us distress,

we gain new perspective and insight into healing what was lost.

"When people believe they are powerless, they become irresponsible.

So what kind of beliefs are we teaching?"

- Bruce Lipton

It's not a mystery, it's not magic.

Your biology is continuously, relentlessly working towards optimal balance for YOU!

It is called Homeostasis.

When you cut your finger, your body fixes it automatically. Right?

So lets apply that FACT to the rest of your body.

Your vehicle works FOR YOU.

You do not work for it.

How Can Flow + Ingredients
Improve My Whole Life?

Through gentle physical massage techniques your body is given the opportunity to unravel and self correct.

Reproductive health, back pain, neck pain, menstrual issues, cesarean section scars, digestive complaints, chronic issues for men and women

- all can be affected with positive change.

What is PEMF and Cellular Rejuvination?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy has been shown to decrease pain and inflammation and excite the cells to a faster metabolism resulting in acelerated healing responses.

Self Limiting
Belief Systems

Identify your mental and emotional blocks and triggers. Uncover the roots system of that which serves you no longer and literally re programe yourself.

Tried everything?

Resolve Fear through Knowledge of the Self

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A complete and whole Reverse Engineering of the Self in order to go Full Spectrum in life!


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